The close proximity to downtown, has resulted in rapid growth of the Highlands neighborhood in recent years. The Denver Highlands is an eclectic mix of Victorian architecture, bungalows and classic Denver Squares in contrast with more modern and contemporary architecture. In spite of the extensive recent development of taller apartment structures and larger condo complexes, the Highlands still offers a large inventory of single family homes. The bustling shopping area holds an array of adorable specialty shops, clothing boutiques, restaurants, brunch spots and a few unique bars, making it the perfect spot for exploring all the wonderful things Denver has to offer. Off of 32nd Avenue and Lowell, residents can find an array of drinking and dining spots such as Solitaire, El Camino, Pizzeria Locale or FNG.

Perfect For: Young professionals who love to explore

All-Natural: The Highlands’ selection of parks offer a green retreat from the concrete jungle

Sunday Spot: Linger is a superb lunch and brunch hangout that carries rich Denver history

Happy Hour Hangs: El Five offers delicious cocktails and delicious Mediterranean bites overlooking Denver’s impressive growing skyline